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Optimising Health One Step At a Time

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Initial Naturopathic Consultation

In person or online options available

Once you have booked an initial consultation, I will provide you with a Health and Medication Questionnaire for you to complete and return with any recent medical test results, before we meet together.

When we meet, I will take an in depth health history, where I will ask you about your main health concerns, how it affects you, how long you have experienced particular symptoms and what improves or exacerbates it. We will discuss your diet and lifestyle and identify your ideal health goals.

Individualised Treatment Plan

Once we have agreed what your goals are, I will fully research and formulate a personal treatment plan just for you. At its most basic level, Naturopathic treatment promotes simple nutritious food, adequate rest, exercise, fresh air and clean water – these are all things readily available to us and together they can produce astounding improvements in your health. That’s why they are always the first step in my treatment plans.

I may also recommend herbal medicine, premium ‘practitioner only’ nutritional supplements, homeobotanical formulas, homeopathic remedies, bach flower remedies, essential oils and tissue salts.  If necessary I may recommend functional testing of urine, saliva, stool, hair and sometimes blood sample analysis to further inform your treatment plan

Follow Up Consultations

Follow up appointments are an essential part of your health treatment programme and provide continued support and motivation to help you achieve your desired health outcomes. After your initial consultation, we will catch up again after 2 weeks to check your progress and follow up on your test results. Then dependent on your condition we will meet up at fortnightly or monthly intervals until your health goals are met.

Naturopathic Initial Consultation

Adult $140 – Child $80

Follow up Consultation

Adult $65 – Child $55